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Airbus Data
  • Founded:
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  • year 1970
  • Toulouse
  • 57,000
  • €23,500 mil.
  • airbus.com

Brief Description

The A320 series has two variants, the A320-100 and A320-200. The A320-200 is the definitive version as only 21 A320-100s were ever produced; these aircraft, the first to be manufactured, were delivered only to Air France and British Airways (as a result of an order by British Caledonian Airways made prior to its acquisition by British Airways) and are the only A320s that lack the distinctive "wingtip fences". The A320-200 features wingtip fences and increased fuel capacity over the A320-100 for increased range, other than that differences are minimal.

Typical range with 150 passengers for the A320-200 is about 2,900 nautical miles (5,400 km). It is powered by two CFMI CFM56-5 or IAE V2500 with thrust ratings between 25,500 to 27,000 pounds force (113 kN to 120 kN). The direct Boeing competitor is the 737-800.

Flight Details

  • Lufthansa
    • Route: Frankfurt - Budapest & retour
    • Date: 1 June 2004 & 31 August 2004
    • Time: 1h:30m & 1h:40m