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Brief Description

The 737-500 was the final 737 Classic developed. It was launched in 1987 by Southwest Airlines and entered service in 1990. The -500 returned to near the fuselage length of the 737-200 while incorporating the improvements of the 737 Classic series. It offered a modern and direct replacement of the 737-200, while also allowing longer routes with fewer passengers to be more economical than with the 737-300.

Third-party conversion of passenger 737 Classics into cargo airplane are now available. Kitty Hawk Cargo was the first airline to receive a 737-300F while Alaska Airlines was the first airline to convert a 737-400F. No 737-500 have yet been converted.

Flight Details

  • United Airlines
    • Route: Houston - Denver & Denver - Vancouver
    • Date: 24 May 2004
    • Time: 1h45m & 2h:45m