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Brief Description

The -200 was later updated as the 737-200 Advanced, which became the standard production version (from June 1971). The 737-200 Advanced was also sold as the 737-200 Executive Jet and the 737-200HGW (High Gross Weight).

These models are being phased out because of poor fuel efficiency, high noise emissions (despite the vast majority having had their JT8Ds fitted with hush kits) and escalating maintenance costs. A large number of the -200s still in operation are with "second tier" airlines and those of developing nations. The first generation 737s are all powered by Pratt & Whitney JT8D low-bypass ratio turbofan engines.

Flight Details

  • West Jet
    • Route: Vancouver - Las Vegas & retour
    • Date: 15 & 18 August 2002
    • Time: 2h:15m & 2h:22m