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Brief Data
  • Name:
  • Area:
  • Capital:
  • Currency:
  • Population:
  • National Day:
  • Principat d'Andorra
  • 468 km2
  • Andorra la Vella
  • Euro
  • 71,201
  • 8 September

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Other Facts:
  • Coordinates:
  • Lowest Pt.:
  • Highest Pt.:
  • Median Age:
  • Ethnicity:
  • and
  • 42 30 N, 1 30 E
  • Riu Runer 840m
  • Pedrosa 2,946m
  • 40.9 years
  • Spanish 43%
  • Andorran 33%

Andorra, the tiny country in between France & Spain, which one would find rather impossible to add to an itinerary, unless vacationing in Barcelona. We took a one-day trip from Calella, most of the people on the bus being attracted by the no-tax policy on perfumes, electronics and other products sold there.

My goal was to see Andorra la Vella, knowing that I wouldn't make another trip in this particular, hard to get area very soon. A very interesting part of the trip was the stop at the bottom of Montserrat, one of the main attractions of Spain and the catalan region.

Detailed Map

Andorra la Vella6 July 2004

Capital of Andorra, located high in the Pyrenees, is a paradise for perfume shoppers.

We strolled up & down the main arteries, shopping and dining. Caught a really aggressive rain for an hour, which made us cuddle up in a cozy corner cafeteria. The rest of the day was super sunny.

Got Brittany her Amor-Amor perfume, which will always remind her of the week we spent in Spain.

Detailed Description

Sant Julia de Loria6 July 2004

Second largest city of the Pyrenees country, it was our first stop on the way to the capital, right after we crossed the border.